Information on Payments

Figuring out the financials behind moving into a retirement village doesn’t have to be hard.


Once you go through our Retirement Village locations page and find the village you like, call our friendly team who will take you through how much it will cost to move straight in!


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How do residents pay for their home in a retirement village?



  • Option 1: Permanent Residency

    Our permanent residents usually “purchase” into a retirement village by making a lump sum payment (called an “ingoing contribution”).

    This effectively secures their residency while they can remain living independently.

    They also pay fees towards the maintenance costs of their property and common area expenses, such as gardening and water.

  • Option 2: Rental Residency

    Rental residency is also available on a limited basis. Rental units are highly sought after, so it is advisable to have your name on a waitlist at your preferred site.

    To obtain the latest information on ingoing contributions, recurrent charges or rents please call 1800 722 679.

    We will always take time to discuss individual costings with you before any purchase is made.

  • We’re fully compliant with standards in provision of retirement village accommodation and care

    • PAC operates our permanent retirement villages in NSW under the Retirement Villages Act, 1999 (NSW)

    For your peace of mind Presbyterian Aged Care also encourages you to seek independent financial and legal advice.


    Interested in visiting one of our villages? 

    Make an appointment and be sure to speak to one of our friendly village managers. 

     General inquiry document

    If you or somebody acting on your behalf contacts a village about becoming a resident, the operator must give you a general inquiry document within 14 days. This document includes general information describing the village type, costs and facilities. Consider getting general inquiry documents from a few villages in your preferred area. This will help you compare the various arrangements on offer and to find the most suitable village for your needs and budget

     Disclosure statement

    You can ask for a full disclosure statement for any unit you are interested in. Operators must give you one at least 14 days before signing a contract. This statement is more detailed than the general inquiry document. The disclosure statement must include:

    • an average resident comparison figure which adds up all the main fees a resident is likely to be charged when living in a village and shows these costs as a single average monthly figure. It is an indicative calculation to help you compare the cost of different contracts – it does not represent the actual payments that you may be required to make.

    • a standard fees and charges table which sets out the costs to enter, live in and leave the village. The table can be used with the Retirement Village Calculator below to give you an overview of the estimated costs:


    While living at the village

    You’ll pay…

    1. Weekly recurrent charges 2. Personal/direct payments
    Recurrent charges vary from village to village and cover the day-to-day expenses of operating the village:

    • Water rates
    • Cleaning and maintaining common areas and amenities
    • Care and upkeep of gardens
    • Relevant village insurances
    • Reasonable maintenance of fixtures and fittings in your apartment
    • Monitoring the 24-hour emergency call and response system.
    You are responsible (including choosing providers and making payments) for things like:

    • Cleaning the inside of your apartment
    • Telephone, internet or pay TV connection and bills
    • Electricity and gas for your apartment
    • Home contents insurance.

     When you leave the Village

      You’ll pay…

    • A departure fee
    • 42 days of recurrent charges

     You won’t pay…

    • Additional costs relating to the selling of your villa or apartment such as refurbishment, marketing or legal fees.

    We encourage you to seek expert advice

    Buying into a village is a major legal and financial commitment. You are more likely to make the right decision if you take time to carefully read all the information, think about your decision and seek expert advice from a solicitor with expertise in retirement village legislation before signing any contracts.