Our beautifully appointed retirement villages are perfect if you want to maintain your independence, living in your own private space.

You’ll also be assured of all the security, peace of mind and benefits of residential village life.

We offer plenty of choices to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are seeking a 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedrooms or 3 or more bedrooms, chances are we have the perfect space you are looking for.

Our villages are set in beautifully maintained, tranquil gardens. And you can relax knowing someone else mows the lawn!


Life’s so good here, you’ll wish you made the move earlier

Our residents welcome their new found freedom of no longer having to spend so much time running a family home.

You’ll have so much more free time to do the things you love – without all the worries of home maintenance and security.

Our residents enjoy the welcoming community atmosphere in our village settings. There’s so much to explore and do, you’ll wish there were more hours in the day.

And if you prefer a quieter life, be assured our places are peaceful and respectful of the way you’d like to live.

Once people have settled in, it’s common to hear them say they wished they’d made the move to Presbyterian Aged Care’s retirement village much earlier.

We wish we’d moved into a retirement village sooner.

Moira and Steve