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Home Care

What does a Home Care Package cost?

Home Care Package Prices

There are two components to fees and charges for a Home Care Package based on guidelines set by the designated Commonwealth Department:

a.    The Basic Fee: At the date of this Agreement, the basic fee is 17.5% of the single maximum rate of the Centrelink pension, excluding rental assistance, the pharmaceutical allowance, and the GST supplement. This component of the Fee is payable by all Care Recipients, regardless of Income.

b.    The Income Tested Contribution: Care recipients on higher incomes may be charged an additional amount to receive a Home Care Package. This amount is determined independently of PAC as the result of an Income Assessment completed by Centrelink. All Home Care Package Recipients must be assessed by Centrelink to determine the amounts to be paid for this component of the Fees and Charges. The subsidy paid by the Department of Health is reduced by an equivalent amount, so the total value of the Home Care Package remains the same.  PAC may choose to invoice you the full amount of this component when receiving services until an alternative amount is confirmed at the outcome of this Assessment. (Note: We will adjust your invoices to the correct amount once we receive advice of the outcome of this assessment).

The amount of your ongoing fees shall be determined by agreement between a Package Advisor and you or your representative, and will be calculated depending on your financial income.

Fees are charged fortnightly following service. A Statement showing fees and payments will be provided to you in an agreed format.

All fees will be increased twice per annum in line with indexation of the pension unless we choose to only do this annually. You or your representative will be advised in writing within fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement date of any variation to fees.

If your financial circumstances change, and you have difficulty paying the basic fee, you or your representative may ask the Package Advisor to review your fees. You will not be denied a service because of an inability to pay fees, however your service level may be reduced in accordance with the amount of services able to be covered by your allocated Funding.

Exit Fee: In the event that a Care Recipient terminates the delivery of their Home Care Package by PAC we may charge a Maximum Exit Fee of $250 to cover the Administration requirements associated with the Calculation of Returnable Funds that needs to be provided within legislated time frames. This amount will only be charged to any remaining CDC Budget Balance.

The attached document outlines the standard amounts we will charge against your CDC Budget for the services PAC provides.

Residential Aged Care

What does residential aged care cost?

Residential care fees are charged in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Australian Department of Social Services. Details are available at: or from the Aged Care Information Line on 1800 200 422.

There are a number of components to the fees an individual is assessed to pay; the amount is based on a standard minimal fee (daily fee) for all residents and then may vary depending on means and assets tests conducted by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs. All fees are set and regulated by Government.

  • Daily Fee – equates to 85% of the Age Pension.
  • Pensioner Supplement – for pensioners this is paid by the Government, for non-pensioners, it is an additional daily charge.
  • Income Tested Fee – a specific, means tested charge which is deducted from the care subsidy the Government pays PAC, hence it is added to the resident fee. It is based on income above the allowable income for full pensioners.

Although the fee covers most standard services, some additional specific requirements are charged on an individually assessed and costed basis. These will be discussed with you and outlined in your resident agreement.

Are church services available?

Church services are conducted on each site as well as Bible study and support groups.

Will I have my own room?

Private single rooms (where available) are allocated on an ‘as needed’ basis. The site manager will take your individual care needs into account when working out what room we can offer you.

Will I be able to share my room with my partner?

A ‘twin share’ room can be occupied by a couple (where available) provided both occupants have a suitable ACAT assessment.

What social and recreational activities are available?

Activities run by the staff for you can include gentle exercise, games, outings, crafts and movies. Activities vary from site to site, and if the site does not have the facilities to run an activity that you wish to participate in, (eg: dancing, lawn bowls, woodworking, bird watching, etc.) speak to the Recreational Activity Officer about looking for an external community group that may provide this for you.

Are services provided on site?

Yes. Services provided vary from site to site, but common services provided are hairdressing, podiatry, physiotherapy, palliative care, chaplaincy, and Church services.

How will I get my medication?

It will be dispensed as the GP has directed by either a Registered nurse (High Care), or other qualified staff (Low Care).

Will I still be able to use my own doctor?

Yes, if your doctor is willing to visit you in the facility for a consultation.

Are there set visiting hours?

No, but we ask that visitors be considerate of other residents.

What can I bring with me?

In terms of furniture this will depend on the level of care you will be receiving, and the size of your room. Talk to the facility manager about what would be appropriate for you. You can bring personal items like photographs, clothing, radios etc when you move in.

Are pets allowed?

This is at the discretion of the Facility Manager.

Retirement Villages

What is a retirement village?

A retirement village is a community of units or townhouses or similar designed to suit the needs and lifestyles of those over 55 and their partners. Retirement villages are not the same as residential aged care homes, nursing homes, or hostels. They are for those who are still independent.

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