Organisational Structure

Presbyterian Aged Care NSW & ACT (PAC) is operated by a Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (New South Wales). It is responsible for the Residential Aged Care facilities, Home Care and Seniors Housing operated by the Presbyterian Church in NSW and the ACT.

The PAC Committee annually reports to the General Assembly and provides the Trustees with regular reports.

To view the Code Part III Section A8, click here.

Administration of congregational local Aged Care programs shall remain with the management committee established for such purpose by the congregation. Some of our Independent Living Units are managed in this way.


Organisational Chart


Presbyterian Aged Care Committee:

  • Bruce Christian (Convener)
  • Justin Ang
  • Ken Bosward
  • Ian Dunbar
  • Peter Dunstan
  • Peter Graham
  • Doug Lennie
  • Ann Logan
  • Lindsay Paterson
  • Fiona Perry
  • Peter Rothnie
  • Margaret Mackenzie

Executive Leadership Team:

  • Paul Sadler (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Andrew Nightingale (Chief Financial Officer)
  • David Fleming (Director Consumer Experience & Growth)
  • Olivia Wood (Director Care & Quality)
  • Peter Newing (Chief Information Officer)
  • Julie Shearman (Director People, Culture, & Engagement)
  • Phil Paul (Senior Chaplain)