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Presbyterian Aged Care (PAC) is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted providers of aged care.

We are a high quality provider of aged care, and one of Australia’s larger and more established providers of aged care.

People trust us for a number of reasons:

We’re experienced.

Presbyterian Aged Care has been caring for older Australians for over 75 years.

We commenced helping older Australians in 1942 with one facility and 25 residents.

Since then, our Residential Aged Care facilities have grown to 9 sites that assist around 800 residents each day.

We are not-for-profit.

Being a “not-for-profit” means we run efficiently, but there isn’t an owner or shareholder taking finances out of Presbyterian Aged Care. Rather, our surplus goes back into the organisation for the benefit of the people we care for.

We have wonderful people.

Presbyterian Aged Care is made up of a group of motivated and capable women and men helping others

“A priority when seeking new staff is to find people who naturally have a heart for older people.”

You’ll find our staff smiling and enjoying their work – because they know their efforts all go towards enhancing the lives of older people.

Our staff and volunteers are some of the most experienced in residential care.

We have open communication and an honest approach.

It goes without saying that our professionals maintain open and honest communication with you and your family.

We respect your right to choose what’s best for your loved ones, and keep you up to date with how things are progressing with their care.



Values are part of our everyday actions.

As a church based not-for-profit aged care provider, PAC’s first organisational value is:

The dignity and worth of every person created in God’s image.

Regardless of your race, colour, religion or any other denominator, Presbyterian Aged Care recognises your God given dignity and worth.

This solid foundation gives our entire team unwavering knowledge of our high standards of care and respect.

We engage an “Ageing in Place” philosophy.

Presbyterian Aged Care actively engages an Ageing in Place philosophy of care.

This means we support the changing care needs of residents within their established environment – ensuring minimum disruption or need to move.


Providing quality care is important to us.

Our staff strive to deliver the highest possible standards of care.  This is backed by our strict procedures and policies.  The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency accredits each Residential Aged Care home every three years and conducts regular spot checks.  PAC’s commitment to quality has resulted in a very positive history of passing spot checks and maintaining our accreditation.

Our Chaplains are here to give support.

In all of our services, Presbyterian Aged Care Chaplains are available.

Presbyterian Aged Care Chaplains are there to support people in whatever circumstances they may find themselves in.

Sometimes this is just a chat over a cup of tea where the conversation is light hearted.

Other times people wish to discuss more the weighty matters of life and spirituality.

You can feel assured that our Chaplains are experienced and there to help our residents, clients, and all the families who support them.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement says why we exist – what our key purpose is.

Our Values Statement says what we believe in – how we will behave.



The Presbyterian Aged Care Mission Statement (our reason to exist) is:

To provide care and accommodation for older people, with a commitment to excellence inspired by the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.



The Values Statement (what we believe in) is:

Presbyterian Aged Care values:

  • The dignity and worth of every person created in God’s image,
  • Showing compassion and love by caring for and nurturing the whole person – physical, social, emotional and spiritual,
  • Supporting community life, where people can live together in harmony, safety and security,
  • Acting justly and fairly, ensuring equity of access to care and accommodation, including for those in poverty or need,
  • Honesty and ethical behaviour,
  • Good stewardship of the resources that are our responsibility, and
  • Our staff and volunteers, supporting them to develop their skills and achieve satisfaction in serving others.