Seniors could be eligible for up to $50,286 p.a. for help in their home

Home Care
April 3, 2019

From The Pulse magazine, Mar-Apr 2019 (full issue available by clicking here):

An extra 10,000 seniors will be given funding to help pay for assistance they may need in their home this year. Presbyterian Aged Care says the government funding, called “Home Care Packages”, will be released in the first part of 2019.

With the highest level of funding reaching $50,286 per person, the funds can be used on services such as house work, gardening, meal preparation, help with shopping, social activities, transport to appointments, physiotherapy, podiatry, nursing services, medication management, pastoral care and case management.

PAC’s Trini Reginato says getting a bit of help at home typically leads to a person staying in their home longer and delays the point of having to move into an aged care home. “It often staves off repetitive strain injuries from housework etc., makes their home safer with funds available to be spent on modifications like rails or flat entry showers, ensures they have whatever variety of nutritious foods they please in their fridges and pantries and can assist their emotional health with social contact with others in their church or community,’’ she says. “For some, concerns about invasion of privacy or their space is a worry, but all staff are well trained in respecting your privacy and wishes, and clients receive the same carer or carers, so you know the person coming around to help you. You also get to choose when they come and help you.’’

The Presbyterian Church has a mission in aged care which complies with all government requirements, modern standards, and has been practising for 75 years. It specialises in a holistic approach and cares for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing of older people. So if you’re over 65 and things are getting a bit tough to handle around the house, now could be a good time to apply for government funding to get help. You can do this through the Department of Health’s My Aged Care website (, then spend the funds with the service provider and on the services of your choice, or for further information call Presbyterian Aged Care on 1800 722 679 (