Legal, Privacy, & Social Media Policy

Privacy Statement

PAC has the utmost respect for the privacy rights of all our residents and clients. We ensure that all information deemed to be of a private and confidential nature is handled in accordance with the law. For more information on how we achieve this, you can download our privacy statement.

Presbyterian Aged Care’s activities are conducted in compliance with the relevant requirements of The Presbyterian Church (New South Wales) Property Trust Act 1936 and the Australian Capital Territory’s Presbyterian Church Property Trust Act 1971 and their regulations acting as agents of the Property Trust.

Quality Assured

Regular independent assessments and a continuous process of self-examination mean that you can rest assured we not only deliver a high level of service, but also that Presbyterian Aged Care is constantly raising the bar.

The Department of Social Services has developed and implemented a quality framework that uses a range of approaches to ensure older people receive safe and quality aged care services. Key elements of the framework are regulation, standards, quality, support and monitoring. The goals of the framework are to:

  • Promote quality of care and quality of life for care recipients,
  • Improve and protect the safety and wellbeing of care recipients,
  • Promote open and transparent systems in aged care,
  • Promote continuous improvement in aged care.

Australian law states that government accreditation is essential to our ongoing funding. As such, all of PAC’s aged care services and programs are put to the test every three years, with external audits, inspections, as well as other review and monitoring systems, taking place within that time period, which are designed to ensure the maintenance of appropriate service delivery.

You can view the current accreditation status of PAC’s residential care facilities by visiting

Both the quality and safety of our residential care buildings have also been checked by the Government, courtesy of an independent certification completed on behalf of the Australian Department of Social Services. All PAC facilities meet the current requirements and are upgraded as needed.

Even with all those stringent independent checks in place, however, we are always committed to go above and beyond what we need to do. At PAC, we are constantly reviewing our practices, comparing them to other organisations and talking to our clients about any changes they might desire. The result is that we are continually improving. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

Social media rules:

PAC encourages open and respectful discussion on our social media platforms. Therefore we will take down arguably defamatory, misleading, deceptive, abusive, harassing, threatening, offensive comments, or those that contain hate speech (or approaching hate speech) or breach copyrights.  We will also remove comments/content of an advertising or promotional nature from other parties that appear on our social media property. We reserve the right to block users who engage in the above activities on our social media property. Posting on PAC social media property is agreeing to take responsibility for your content.