World Class Seniors and Elders Community Complete

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May 10, 2019

The Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Aged Care are very proud to announce the completion of their world-class seniors and elders community in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The Terraces at Paddington (named for its historic terraced gardens which have been conserved to pay homage to the site’s history) combines retirement living, home care, and a residential aged care home in the same precinct, so that seniors and elders have access to a variety of support specifically for the ageing and don’t have to move when their needs change.

The stunning community lies across its own spacious block bounded by three streets and a reserve. This space allows for buildings to be set back from the street, giving reprieve from street noise and privacy. Combined with the site’s natural assets of large heritage-listed trees and green space, the community has a calm, elegant, and relaxing feel throughout – Paul Sadler, CEO of Presbyterian Aged Care describes it as a “Green, opalescent jewel”.

In ensuring they were building a community and not just a set of buildings, plenty of communal areas were built into the precinct. Such areas include a high quality café, lounge reception, cinema, spa, pool, gym, concierge, beautician, hairdresser, doctor’s suites and suites for allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and dieticians. From these inclusions it’s easy to see how a health and wellness approach has been at the forefront of planning and execution since the beginning.

But the vast amounts of communal space doesn’t preclude time to yourself: retirement living residents can still get away to their own areas and apartments, and 24-hour care residents often have their own private room and/or balcony in the residential aged care building.

The Terraces at Paddington has only been complete for a couple of weeks, and PAC is already receiving very positive feedback from new residents. Resident Michael Wrigley says he and his partner were looking at quite a few retirement villages and that “…this one was so far ahead of the others – I can’t tell you”. They’re happy everyone in the retirement village knows one and other – staff and residents – and claims “It’s got an atmosphere about it that is just fantastic, we find everybody very helpful and very friendly”.

An auspicious start like this is most welcome as Presbyterian Aged Care aims to provide care and accommodation for older people with a commitment to excellence inspired by the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ on this site for many decades to come.