Press Release: Presbyterian Care Australia & ACSA Group Membership

July 19, 2018

Most states in Australia have a Presbyterian aged care provider. Today it has been announced that these have rallied together to take a group membership in ACSA – Aged & Community Services Australia, which collaborates with not-for-profit companies “to ensure powerful advocacy for a fair, responsive and caring society that values and supports older Australians”.

Why is this of any interest?  In the past, churches have been behind the majority of aged care services, looking after people when sometimes others didn’t want to, or doing the tireless work of caring for the frail or ill without complaining, and so that families could continue to work etc. Also important to not-for-profits is that everybody has access to care, irrespective of location or ability to pay (i.e., those in regional & rural areas, and those in financial hardship). Of course we still do this today and our missions to care will never change. But what is changing is the social landscape: the ageing population. With this comes a realisation amongst business folk that there will be an increased demand in aged care soon, hence the opportunity to make money, and as a result we see for-profit aged care companies entering the market at an increasing rate.

Having all Presbyterian providers from NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, WA, and VIC uniting and taking a new group membership in ACSA will give ACSA more of a voice when Government and peak bodies sit down to talk about new federal regulations in aged care. Having a strong body at the table representing not-for-profit providers who have always done it because it’s the right thing to do is going to be important when the new for-profit companies will also be at the same table lobbying for things to benefit their style of operation. So a unified, strengthened voice representing not-for-profits is an excellent thing for those who agree that not-for-profit care principles are important for society. May we keep our parents’ and grandparents’ care motivated by heart, not just money.


For more detail click the following link: Press Release PCA group membership w ACSA