PAC Takes Clients Cruising!

Retirement Living
May 13, 2019

One of Presbyterian Aged Care’s (PAC’s) services is providing accommodation for retirees and elders. PAC takes a personalised approach and takes the happiness and wellbeing of its residents very seriously. For those who join our villages to become part of a community or wish to have an active social life, PAC holds “Cheese and chat” afternoons, special dinners, and outings to a variety of locations and events. Recently retirement living residents were invited to join a four day cruise. It was a great opportunity for those who hadn’t cruised before to find out whether they liked it, and for those living away from family to go on holidays and see a new part of the world without having to go alone. Our residents met new people and made new friends, and enjoyed the boat’s fantastic facilities such as pool, sundeck, live music lounges,a  selection of restaurants and a huge range of entertainment from theatre to themed parties. Additionally cruisers could retreat to their rooms or do their own activities whenever they wanted.

Some brought their children, some came as individuals, and some with their partner, but all had the assurance that professionals in seniors’ living were there to assist them should they desire. At the destination especially, this helped cruisers to go snorkelling, explore the seas in a glass-bottom boat or to take in the beautiful beaches and shipwrecks. Such a good time was had by all it was decided PAC will put on a cruise trip twice a year: one short cruise for those wanting a 4 or 5 day holiday or to see if they like cruising, and one longer cruise with multiple stops for those wanting to venture farther.