Aged Care Employee Day – Message from the CEO to PAC Employees

August 7, 2020

Dear PAC Staff

Today is Aged Care Employee Day – a day on which we acknowledge, celebrate and thank our aged care workers.

Your work is absolutely vital in supporting older Australians to age well and stay safe from COVID-19. Every day you come to work at PAC and devote yourselves to the care and wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of our community. You are not only working hard to protect them from a deadly pandemic, but to help them live as full a life as they still can.

I am so proud of the way that you have all stepped up during this COVID-19 crisis. There have been a lot of changes to the way we run our services necessitating extra learning and development and extra daily tasks for many of you. I am aware that at times there has been increased stress. I want you to know that we as an organisation greatly appreciate the extra efforts you are making.

Because of the work you do, an increasing number of older Australians are able to age well in their own homes – thanks to dedicated home care workers.  Other seniors are given the chance to live their lives in a nurturing community with the level of support they need, either in retirement villages or residential aged care homes. Your work makes that possible for them.

So I want to say a big thank you to our nurses, personal care workers and allied health professionals, to PAC’s chefs, cleaners, recreational officers, gardeners, managers and volunteers. It is not every day that unsung heroes or quiet achievers get acknowledged.  The work you do every day, no matter what your role at PAC, ultimately contributes to improving the lives of older Australians.

As it says in Proverbs 12:2 “A good person obtains favour from the LORD.”

So on behalf of the PAC Board and Executive Leadership Team, #ThanksForCaring

Kind Regards

Paul Sadler

Chief Executive Officer